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Emily Gertenbach

B2B SEO Content Writer | Helping Agencies, Consultants and MarTech SaaS Companies Educate and Convert Clients

Location icon United States

With over 10 years' experience in SEO content optimization and a strong background in eCommerce, I help growing agencies and brands reach, inform and convert their ideal audience through organic search.

I've worked with agencies and brands around the world, including:

93x, London
Ash Co, Richmond VA
BlendIM, Harrisburg PA
Flux LTD, Tel Aviv
Grady Communications, La Habra CA
Growbots, Warsaw
Improve & Grow LLC, Lancaster PA
Inner Workout, Chicago
MemberSpace, Hoboken NJ
Shawley Marketing, San Antonio
Sparkfive, Dallas
Studio Elias, Manila
Uproar Coaching, New Alexandria VA
Upwork, Inc., San Francisco
Vouris, San Francisco


Blogs + Longform Articles

Squarespace Member Areas: Is it Right for You?

There are plenty of reasons to add a members-only area to your website, from building a client portal to launching a profitable membership business with multiple revenue streams. If you're a Squarespace user, you may have seen messages about an add-on subscription called Member Areas.

14 CMS Features Your Website Needs in 2021 | Upwork

When you have an excellent idea for an online business, you need a reliable website to support your goals. But there's one catch-you don't know how to code. No problem. It's still possible to have a great website that you can confidently update yourself without knowing the first thing about HTML or computer programming.

The 15 Best Logo Design Software Programs of 2021 | Upwork

A great logo is vital for making an impression in customers' minds. Whether you're launching a new company or undergoing a rebrand, it's important to develop a logo that effectively communicates what your business is about. You might even be considering working on your logo yourself-after all, you know your brand the best, right?

What Logo File Format Should You Use in 2021 | Upwork

If you've recently received a brand-new logo design as part of a business launch or rebrand, you're probably excited to start using it as soon as possible. Websites, business cards, bus stop ads, t-shirts, the works-you're going to want to stick your logo everywhere you can.

Inspire a Connection Design and Marketing: Brand Logo and Website Design for Creative Female Entrepreneurs
How to Use SEO: Content Optimization to Increase Sales - Inspire a Connection Design and...

You know you've got a stellar product and a great brand - now it's time to get customers to take notice. Whether you're selling your products through a marketplace or on your own website, spending a little time working on your SEO can have big results that can increase your sales.

SaaS Tutorials

How to Build a Membership Site on Squarespace

Membership businesses are a great way for creators to monetize their expertise, but many existing platforms restrict you to one type of content. If you're a creator who would like to develop more than one revenue stream, this can lead to multiple subscriptions (and the associated service fees).

How to Sell Digital Products with Carrd

Carrd is a one-page site builder that makes beautiful web design accessible to everyone, even beginners. For only $19 per year, you can build fully custom landing pages, connect your own domain names, and pick from a wide library of attractive themes.

How to Sell Digital Products with Notion

This product tutorial explains how a Notion document may be turned into a private membership website with the help of Super.so and MemberSpace.com.

Landing Pages

About Flux Academy

Branding messaging copywriting and UX microcopy consultation for Flux Academy, a leading online web design program based in Tel Aviv, Israel.