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Emily Gertenbach

B2B SEO Content Writer | eCommerce Consultant | Helping Agencies, Consultants and MarTech SaaS Companies Educate and Convert Clients

Location icon United States

With over 10 years' experience in SEO content optimization and a strong background in eCommerce, I help growing agencies and brands reach, inform and convert their ideal audience through organic search.

I've worked with agencies and brands around the world, including:

Allure Commerce, NYC | France | India
Ash Co, Richmond VA
BlendIM, Harrisburg PA
DRM Resources, Costa Mesa CA
Evident, Lancaster PA
Flux LTD, Tel Aviv Israel
Improve & Grow LLC, Lancaster PA
Inner Workout, Chicago IL
The Latinx Collective, NYC
Marketing Bioengineered, Fort Lauderdale FL
MemberSpace, Hoboken NJ
Shawley Marketing, Las Vegas NV
Sparkfive, Dallas TX
Vouris, San Francisco CA


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You know you've got a stellar product and a great brand - now it's time to get customers to take notice. Whether you're selling your products through a marketplace or on your own website, spending a little time working on your SEO can have big results that can increase your sales.

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One Simple Way to Increase Email Open Rates

Article exploring how email segmentation, an often-overlooked strategy, can help small businesses grow their email list activity quickly with no added cost.

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About Flux Academy

Branding messaging copywriting and UX microcopy consultation for Flux Academy, a leading online web design program based in Tel Aviv, Israel.